Deciding where to go to University

bigstock-College-Students-Preparing-For-31421852Once you’ve decided that you’re going to university and you know what you want to study the next thing to decide is where you’re going to go. Location is an important factor in the success of your university career and even what you do beyond that.

If you choose to stay at home things might be more straightforward but is this really for you? Here we’re going to look at the benefits of moving away and then how you could benefit from staying at home.

Moving Away

Choosing to go away to university gives you the chance to expand your horizons. It gives you the chance to enjoy greater freedom and throw yourself into the student experience without having to worry about catching the last bus or train home. Moving away from home will also mean you need to exercise a greater degree of self-reliance. No one else will do your washing or cook your meals so you’ll have to be prepared to grow up quickly. It’s the best place to make the tricky transition from childhood to adulthood and once you’re out in the wide world you won’t always be able to turn to your parents at home.

Staying at Home

Staying at home is becoming more popular due to the economic downturn and although things are now picking up the cost of living remains high. Choosing to stay at home may mean you may not need to get a job to support your studies so you can dedicate all your efforts to your course. This too goes for your household chores as you can be sure you’ll do a smaller percentage with your parents to back you up.

Best of Both

It’s becoming more popular for students to choose a relatively local university, say within 30 miles of their home, and then live in student residence for the first year. If it doesn’t feel right there’s the option to move home without being hundreds of miles away. It’s a great way of combining the two regular options.

Life after Uni

What you do when you finish university can also be impacted upon whether you decide to stay at home or move away. Research into graduate employment shows that students who choose to live away from home develop higher levels of self-sufficiency more quickly. This in turn impacts upon their job prospects which are considerably improved. Self-sufficiency is a valuable life skill that you can show off in graduate interviews and your employment prospects.

It may be you’re picking universities based on the quality and ranking of the course you want to do but location really does matter too. You don’t want to end up in a busy student city if you’re more suited to a rural environment and vice versa. If you know you’re going to miss your family then perhaps play safe and stay as close to home as you can manage.

This is a brand new beginning in your life and it’s up to you whether you want to go it alone or have your family right there beside you. Either way they’ll support you and you might surprise yourself if you do choose to move further afield.

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