Creativity as a Boost to Academic Development in Young Children

There is a creative spark in all of us, it’s just about how you unlock it and develop it. Creative activities as a habit however, are a great way to help you develop other skills, especially in very young children. Planning artistic sessions with young children is a fantastic way to aid their overall development and to get them really enjoying learning.

For young children, art activities are brilliant at assisting children in developing their hand-eye coordination as well as their muscle growth. At a young age, using crayons and paint brushes offer an insight into how to control in a steady way, a great tool for learning to write. Socially, artistic endeavours can help to bond groups of children and help them to learn how to interact with others, how to share, and how to clean up! Social learning is positive as it develops a child in a way that will be vital to help them understand and control their influence in the wider world when they grow up.

Art is a great base skill for other educational topics, such as the science behind what happens when you mix primary colours together, or the way in which the world moves and how nature interacts with humans, when children paint with leaves or study trees. One of the biggest positives to come out of creative learning for young children is the impact it can have on imagination, experimentation and emotional development. It raises a child’s self esteem and helps them to feel valued as people. For their imaginations we teach them that the sky is the limit and that they can try and invent new ways to paint, and to draw and to display their creativity however they wish. This is a great attitude to take into later learning and life, being inquisitive and willing to try new things.

At The Education Centre we believe that creative learning is something that shouldn’t be restricted to toddlers. Our wide range of private tutors in the Liverpool area engage with each student differently, creating bespoke schedules that maximise the potential for learning and gives scope for reaching their desired goals and aims. If you would like to find out more and start your child’s private tuition in Liverpool asap, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk through exactly what your child is looking for.

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