Coping During Exam Season

Young Student Stressed By Her ExaminationsDuring exam season it is easy to let things get on top of you and start to feel stressed. The mental side of your exams are often overlooked. You can understand the topic inside out and be confident in your answers but if you allow yourself to be overcome by stress it can cloud your ability to perform under pressure. Here we take a look at a few tips to help you cope during the stressful exam season.

Understand Your Own Mental Health – It is important to understand when things are starting to get on top of you. By recognising when you are a little stressed you can have a break from your revision. This is also a good time to talk through your revision process and your thoughts about the upcoming exams with someone that you trust. Whether this is your parent, teacher or a private tutor it allows you to have a meaningful discussion that takes the pressures away momentarily and helps you to keep things in perspective.

Eat Regularly and Well – Diet is important for our health and life balance at the best of times. It becomes even more important during a stressful period such as exam time! Before an exam you should have a small meal that will provide you with the energy and alertness you need to be at your best. Never overload with a large meal, as you will become bloated and lethargic when you need that least.

Good Sleeping Patterns – Sleep is so important to our health and how we function from day to day. You might think that you really need to stay up until the middle of the night revising, but this will have a negative affect on your health. Try to implement a strict regime where you go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day, avoid looking at a screen for an hour before bed time and ensure you are doing everything you can to feel refreshed going into your exams.

Relax – This can be hard to do when there is so much information to look back through during your revision periods but it is important to set aside time to relax and fully switch off from your exams. Book some relaxation time into your revision schedule and use it to turn off your phone, close your books and do what helps you to relax. Whether this is reading a book, listening to music or going for a walk, don’t get distracted by your work for that hour you’ve set aside as relaxation time.

The Education Centre Liverpool has a team of experienced private tutors who understand how best to help you during your exams. If you would like us to book in some sessions to complement your revision schedule and to offer tips and guidance on how best to approach each exam, contact us today.

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