A Christmas Scrooge or a Boost? Private Tuition over the Holidays

Photo of happy Santa Claus with small giftbox looking at camera out of decorated xmas treeWith the Christmas holidays fast approaching you might be looking forward to time away from school and all the pressures that come with it. Sure, you might have some homework but that can wait until long after the last turkey sandwich as New Year approaches, and you don’t have to think about your education until 2017 is here.

Is that the right approach, or should you keep on top of your long-term educational needs with the help of a private tutor?

Don’t Go Overboard

One of the biggest problems about the festive period is making sure there is enough time to see everyone you want to see, to fulfill commitments and to actually try and get a rest. Think about your child and private tutor in these circumstances, as you want the tuition periods to be energising and effective. Try to book sessions that make a difference, without placing too much emphasis and strain on both your child and the tutor, by overbooking.

Commit if Your Child Shows Desire

If your child has shown a real desire to learn more about that play they’ve been struggling with in English, or want to nail down more facts about the Norman Invasion of Britain before they go back to school, by all means encourage it. Private tuition is the most effective when you have a child completely on board with the reasons behind it and a genuine yearning to learn more and improve their knowledge.

Focus on Fun

More than at any other time of year, private tuition lessons over the Christmas holidays should be about fun. Encourage lessons that focus on the fun facts and are taught in a more casual and energetic way than might otherwise be the norm. Now is not the time to crack the whip and put pressure on your child, it’s to invigorate them and make them smile, even if they are doing schoolwork when they want to be out with friends!

If you feel your child can still benefit from some private tuition over the Christmas holidays we are here to help. The Education Centre has a whole host of private tutors in the Liverpool and Merseyside area ready to help. Christmas is a time for family, friends and loved ones and we implore you to embrace that as much as you can this winter. However, we understand how important an hour or two with a specialist in a certain subject can help your child reach those grades they are looking for or need to. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you set up a learning schedule for the festive season.

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