Maximising Revision Time

We all understand how difficult it can be to stay focused during exam season. With many different pressures attached to each individual exam, and overall results, whether you are about to sit a GCSE-exam, an A-Level or an examination as part of your higher educational studies, you have to learn […]


Preparing to Join the Force – Police Aptitude Tests

If you are considering joining the Police Force you will be facing a challenging and competitive process. There are elements of uncertainty and unpredictability at times with the number of positions open not always known in advance. When recruitment opens next you have to be ready and raring to go, […]



Helping the Next Generation of Teachers with QTS Tests

In order to become one of the faces of the next generation of teachers there are some barriers and tests to first overcome. Professional skills tests for prospective teachers assess whether an individual has the core skills and knowledge that all teachers require in order to fulfill their professional role […]