How to Bounce Back After a Bad Report

Ending the term on the sour note of a bad report can be hard. If your child was expecting it, nonchalant about it or even perhaps hurt then as a parent you can help them prepare for the new term in a way which means they won’t have to suffer the bad report ever again. Some of these ideas may be harder to instil in reluctant school-goers but you can certainly try and simple changes could make all the difference.

Below are some ideas you could consider on your path to helping your child back towards the positive report you’d both like.

Full Review

Begin by looking back at the whole term reflectively. If it’s the first term in a new school or there have been changes to teachers and classes this could have some effect but overall you shouldn’t be looking for excuses. Have a look at where your child’s problems could lie. Are they late turning in homework? Do they have a track record for being distracted in class? Whatever the problem area is you can pinpoint it and discuss it together. It could be something as simple as needing to prompt them more about homework.

Talk to Teacher

If you’re concerned about the report then talking to the teacher has got to be part of your plan. Once you and your child have worked out where you think the key problem areas are then it makes sense to discuss what you plan to do about with their form tutor. They may also be able to help put certain action plans in place and encourage your child to explore other learning styles and ways of studying. They may also have different ideas about where the problems may lie.

Check the Extra Curricular

If your child is very involved in external programmes and activities then this could be key to their studies failing. It’s a hard choice when they reach a certain age but it might mean choosing between ballet and boxing so your child can fit in a proper amount of homework each night. It may seem unfair but there is no way any child can manage to do everything they want to do and their schooling. Maybe plan some extra activities for summer so they don’t feel too hard done by during term time.

Write it down

Once something is committed to paper you’re much more likely to stick to it. Using a standard calendar or planner is enough and gives you the chance to chart homework time and other events pertaining to school. The school should provide a homework diary but if you try and get a copy too then you can feel like you know what’s going on. It may feel a bit like you’re keeping tabs but it may be essential just to get them back on the right track.

Call in the Professionals

If there are underlying problems with comprehension or your child needs additional help with their learning you don’t need to manage this alone. A private tutor can revolutionise learning for all different types of children as it allows them to explore different learning styles and focus on their problem areas in a separate environment to the classroom.

A bad report can be disheartening but don’t let it become too much of a big deal. Your child always has the chance to redeem themselves in the next term.

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