Where Best to Look for Career Advice as a Student

career adviceDuring your school years you remember how you were asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and how for most people it brought with it a certain level of fear. It is true that many of us don’t know exactly what we want to do for a career, but that shouldn’t stop your child having access to career advice to help them make the right decisions moving forward.

There are many different paths to a successful career. Some people find them early on, follow a clear educational path and reach their goals early on in life. Other people might take longer to find their passion before moving into a brand new career after years of working in a different industry.

There is no right or wrong answer, but at The Education Centre Liverpool we wanted to show you how there is a way to look for the correct help and guidance when it comes to searching for a future career that suits you.

Look at Topics You are Interested In

One of the big mistakes that many people regret in their careers is choosing a career that they were good at, rather than looking at what they enjoy. At a young age you have endless opportunities, and whilst you may end up in a career that you’re very good at but don’t have love for, at first why not look at those topics and careers that genuinely interest you, and see what it takes to make it within that sphere.

Ask People You Know

Your parents, teachers, private tutors and friends of the family will all be in roles that they have come to independently. Utilise their personal experiences by asking them to relate how they found their current roles, and what it took for them to get where they are now.

Ask for Work Experience and Advice

If you are interested in a career that none of your family and friends work within, it cannot hurt to get in touch with some companies that have those roles. Be prepared to show that you have some knowledge of the industry and find out the educational requirements for the roles you are interested in pursuing. Tell the companies your long-term plans so they know that you are genuinely interested.

Research Topics Heavily

From reading publications online or at the library, to meeting with careers guidance professionals and visiting career fairs, conduct as much research as possible. The more information that you have to hand, the greater your chances of success and taking the necessary steps right now.

If you know what it takes to get to the next stage of your education and towards a career that you wish to pursue, contact The Education Centre Liverpool today. We can pair you with private tutors on Merseyside that are perfect for your needs and will help you get to where you need to be. Call us on 0151 727 1578 or by emailing theeducationcentreliverpool@outlook.com and we’ll be happy to set up a meeting.

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