The Benefits of Studying a Language at A-Level

languageAt The Education Centre we offer private tutors to Liverpool based students looking to hone their language skills during A-Levels. If your child is studying a language at school we can help them to reach their potential. We offer private tuition for French, German, Spanish and Greek.

Learning a new language brings with it a wide range of benefits. The ability to communicate in another language to your own can open up plenty of opportunities for your career and lifestyle. So, why should you learn a language?

Career Opportunities – Depending on the language you choose to learn you’ll have access to working in a multitude of locations around the globe. French and Spanish, for example, are both global languages that could open the door to you working in far-flung locations and in many different industries and roles, from South America to Africa and Asia.

Travel Easily – Whether you plan to take a Gap year to travel after you’re A-Levels, or you wish to travel throughout your life, learning a language makes it easier to get by on your travels. Learning a language fluently makes it easier to pick up other languages, even if it is just pleasantries to help you get by on your holidays.

Future Academic Opportunities – Languages provide you with a solid base to go into higher education, with a range of academic benefits relating to learning a new language during school. Having a base of French knowledge for instance will help you should you be moving into a Philosophy degree at University, and Spanish can help you if you wish to study Spanish History. The associations for each language will assist you.

Language Skills for Life – Learning any language will provide you with a foundation of learning that will help you not only in your educational needs, but also for the rest of your life. You’ll learn speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, all of which are transferable to other areas of your life.

If you learn a language now, what can you do in your future career?

Being proficient in a new language does open up many different career doors that would otherwise be slammed shut. You could choose to teach the language as a teacher in a school or as a language private tutor. Another career option is to become a translator, or to move into marketing as companies look to localise brands in different countries. Travel and tourism is also a popular career choice for those with multiple languages under their belts.

If you would like to find out more about learning a language with our private tutors, contact The Education Centre Liverpool today on 0151 727 1578 or by emailing and we’ll be happy to match you with a private tutor.

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