Benefits of One-on-One English Lessons

Each person is different when it comes learning. For some, being taught in a large or medium sized group fits in with their personality and their ability to soak up information. There does seem to be however, a greater understanding and improvement for learning English when it comes from a private tutor, with the benefits of one-on-one teaching shining through.

Here are a few benefits to private tuition for English lessons.

Tailored & Bespoke Lessons – Depending on your own language requirements, a lesson plan can be put together to address your specific strengths and weaknesses, giving you the best chance to improve. You can learn and be taught at a speed that you are comfortable with, without fearing about being left behind.

Personal Attention – In large groups it can be sometimes difficult to feel like the teacher knows you well enough to make a difference. With one-on-one tuition you have their full attention at all times.

In-Depth Discussion – This personal time allows you to ask as many questions as you need to, stopping throughout a lesson where necessary to ask for feedback and explanations, without worrying about taking up the time of other individuals who may be ahead of you in their learning.

Intensive Learning – As it is just you and the teacher, you’ll find you are talking for the majority of the time spent with the private tutor, speeding up the process of learning. In a group situation you might only speak for a small percentage of the time in comparison.

No Interruptions – It does help to speak in larger groups, but if you are not yet confident wA student being taught one on one.ith a language mistakes can creep in, and bad habits, that may have been picked up from other students. You are also less distracted and won’t have to wait for other people’s questions to be answered.

Practice, Practice, Practice – Such an intense learning experience allows you to practice over and again, as you are not pressured into moving at the speed of others. You can check on your use of vocabulary, and come back to it later in the session, or next time, aiding your improvement.

Tailored and focused learning on a topic such as English language can boost confidence and also provide the in-depth time that allows for a tweaking of the programme and for the tutor to work on certain aspects that otherwise might not even be spotted in a larger, classroom situation. At The Education Centre in Liverpool we have a range of private tutors who are able to focus their entire attention on you, in intense sessions designed to bring the best out of your learning. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our own private tuition programme, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to put together a specific programme tailored to your needs.

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