Benefits of Learning a Language as a Child

For some reason, British children lag behind their European counterparts when it comes to learning new languages, but why is that the case? Whenever you take trips abroad, attempts at ordering food or drink in the local dialect is always appreciated, but the majority of the time greeted with a knowing smile and a reply in perfect English. Not only as a way of being able to converse when abroad, learning a new language from a young age can unlock a whole host of potential in children and is something to be considereLanguages Signpostd by parents of children even as young as three.

Success of Multi-Linguists

There is real evidence to suggest that children who learn a foreign language are more likely to score highly when it comes to examinations in other, standardised subjects. We know that the brain is like any other muscle, the more it is worked the greater its capacity to learn new things and recall them correctly. Children who have learned, or are in the process of learning, a new language are much more likely to have higher grades in their English, Maths and Science classes, as they have been working their brain in a different way, strengthening the muscle and creating an overall greater appreciation of learning as a result.

Never to Young to Learn a Language

In reality, children are never too young to learn a new language. In fact, the younger a child is when they start to learn a language the better, due to the fact they are great at mimicking new sounds and learning pronunciation at a time when they are learning their first language. From the age of three upwards, children are learning a lot through play, and languages fit in nicely with this, teaching children songs in French or reading story books in Spanish, in much the same way as they learn about numeracy and literacy at this age. As children get older and learn language in a secondary school environment, it is harder to learn, but still no less fulfilling. Learning a new language is a great way to develop an interest and curiosity in different cultures and ways of thinking, how we could improve our own society. From a practical standpoint, it also broadens the horizons of your child as they reach adulthood. A new language can mean a career in a different part of the world should they wish!

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