The Benefits of Mock Exams

Exam test sheet with pencil. Education conceptFor many students there can be nothing worse then having to revise for mock exams. It can seem fruitless at times when the real exams are far away in the future. In reality there are a number of benefits to mock exams, helping students shape their futures and get into the practice of revision, learning, and exam conditions.

Start Revision as Early As Possible

Procrastination is a problem that I’m sure many adults are guilty of, both in the workplace and at home when it comes to completing chores. For many students this is also a problem, and for exams that are months away, putting some real practice and revision in now is too much hard work. Mock exams provide an impetus to start revising as early as possible, getting into a rhythm that will stand them in good stead for the coming months.

Revision Technique and Schedule

Mock exams force students into utilising techniques that are very specific to real exams. Instead of just re-reading passages of text over and over, highlighting what you perceive as a few key phrases here and there, students can look at subject matter in more depth. Techniques that can be helpful include asking questions about the topic more often, presenting the topic to other people and discussing the topic.

Exam Conditions

Nothing offers the stress and tension of a real exam but mock exam conditions can closely replicate those feelings of time constraints and the unknown of exactly what questions are going to turn up. Practicing anything at all makes you better at it, and there would be nothing worse than discovering a pure panic at a real exam, when you’ve never had that experience at all in a mock setting. It eases tension by showing you that an exam won’t necessarily be as bad as you’re building it up to be in your mind.

Broaden Your Knowledge

This lack of clarity in terms of knowing exactly what is coming in an exam ensures that a student has to be prepared on a whole range of potential topics. A mock exam forces them to strategize for this in advance, widening their overall knowledge, to prepare for all eventualities. This approach also gives students more time to identify topics that they are weaker on than others, planning how to overcome memory barriers and revise certain areas in more detail.

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