The Benefits of Home Schooling

Young latin mother helping her daughter with her school homeworkThere has been a rise in recent years of the number of parents in the UK who decide to home school their children. In these instances, the parents take sole responsibility of the education their children receive and ensures an intense parent-child relationship like few others. There are a number of benefits to home schooling, but even with these there is always the need for some external support, with private tutors offering a different viewpoint, as well as relieving the time pressure and stress on the parents.

So why do parents choose to go down the home schooling route?

Here are a number of reasons parents have put forward as why they choose to teach their kids at home, instead of sending them to school.

• Provide a higher standard of education at home
• Be fully aware of the subjects and topics their child is being taught
• For religious reasons – can teach specific and wider ranging texts linked to their own faith
• Family reasons
• A more relaxed and encouraging environment to learn
• Develop morality and character at a faster, and more in-depth rate
• Wants to challenge their child more than they feel schools can
• Their child has a disability and family don’t feel comfortable in their treatment in a school setting/can’t find a suitable school
• Their child has behavioural problems that are better addressed at home
• Allows family to travel and live in different locations
• Lack of transport to enable child to enter traditional school setting
• Live in a remote setting with no school nearby

There are a number of benefits that have been found from home schooling, including:

Personalised one-on-one tutoring – The child can develop faster in smaller teaching settings, whether small groups or one-on-one. You can help them develop a love for learning as they are always appreciated and the central part of learning.

Bespoke Learning Environment – Whether a child has developmental and special educational needs, or has a disability, you can tailor the approach of education to their specific needs, making them more motivated to work hard and learn.

Develop a Strong, Independent Character – Home schooled children are likely to develop their own thoughts and mindset, unlikely to follow the crowd. Independent thought is vital to the development of a child and this speeds up the process, as well as instilling a love of learning, rather than a panic and yearning for good grades.

These are just a few of the benefits to home schooling but from a personal relationship viewpoint you’ll also find that those that are home schooled have a great relationship with their parents and siblings as they are so close to them during their development and adolescence.

Private tuition can be used to supplement home learning, giving parents a break when they need it most, and coming in to add specialist knowledge at times when your kids need that little bit of extra help. If you’re looking for help from a private tutor in the Merseyside area, give The Education Centre Liverpool a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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