How to Beat Exam Stress!

Image of boy stressed out surrounded by stacks of booksIf you’ve got important exams coming up, SATs, GCSEs or A Levels then it’s only natural that you’ll be getting a little bit nervous the nearer you get to your exam date. This isn’t always a bad thing as it shows that you care about your results, however if you become too stressed then you may start to lose focus! Here are some of our top tips to help you keep calm and carry on!

Trust yourself – If you’ve done all of your preparation, then what else can you do? Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

Nobody’s perfect – Of course we all want to reach for the stars and aim for 100% in every exam but try not to over exert yourself! Aim to do your best, but keep in mind that we can’t be perfect all of the time.

Take appropriate steps when problem solving – If you’re struggling with some elements of your course material, then getting yourself worked up won’t help.  Take steps to solve the issue by speaking to tutors or friends and get a bit of advice!

Don’t keep it inside – If you start getting a little bit stressed out then talking to someone you trust and that can help is a wise move!

Perspective is important – Exams can often seem like they control everything but overall you must remember that they are just a small part of your life! Interrupt your negative thoughts with positive ones!

Planning – Leaving things till the last minute could add to the stress. Planning you studying with regular sessions of around 50 minutes with 10 minute breaks can help.

Check your info – Take a look at your course framework and get a better understanding of the grading standards. Ensure you know your seat number as well as when and where the exam will take place well in advance of the start to lower the chance of last minute stresses.

Exam mode, Activate! – Get yourself in the right frame of mind before the start of the exam by going through past papers and mock tests while mimicking exam conditions.

Things to avoid – Coffee and other stimulant drinks should be avoided the night before the exam as these could make you lose sleep and focus! Avoid anxious or disruptive students as these could put you off and distract you from your overall goal and most importantly you should avoid arriving late!


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