Back to School Essentials

BackToSchoolWith the new school term just around the corner it is time for parents everywhere to make sure they have bought everything their children need for the upcoming term. The last thing you want to do is to leave things until the last minute, or leave your child without the essentials so it is vital that you make the most of this time to have in place the perfect foundation for a good school year ahead.

New Rucksack – Your child will want you to buy them the trendiest bag on the market, whatever their friends are wearing. Of course, you should balance what your children want, the budget you have available and making sure you buy a bag that fits their needs. There are a few things you need to know about the bag you end up buying. Does it have enough space to carry books, pens, pencils, notepads, folders and of course, the essential lunchbox?! Bags with different compartments are best as it allows you to pack gym kit in a separate place to lunch, and make everything easy and quick for your child to retrieve when they need to.

New Coat – Buying a new coat is important as although the start of the school year it should still be a little warm (and with any luck it’ll stay warm throughout September), the likelihood is your child will need protection from the cold weather and the elements in just a few weeks’ time! A waterproof coat is absolutely essential as we all know how often it rains in the UK Remember that the new jacket/coat must last your child for an entire year, so look for something durable, comfortable, that fits for most weather conditions and gives them deep enough pockets.

New Stationery – For most children, especially the younger ones, buying fresh stationery is exciting. There is something lovely about the endless possibilities of an empty notepad, using a brand-new pen and pencil to write down new ideas and to put together a plan of action for the year ahead. Look to buy a new pencil case, pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, and when your child is a certain age there will be more specific things to buy, like a compass or a foreign language dictionary.

Private Tuition – One other thing you can do to prepare your children for the school year ahead is to ensure their private tuition is booked up and scheduled in. This can be in preparation for the school year, covering topics that they may have struggled with last year, or to cover ground that you know will be looked at in the coming weeks. Once school has started, providing your child with regular private tutor sessions can help them to embrace education, address weaknesses and focus on areas of importance as the year progresses.

If you would like to put in place a structured private tuition schedule for your child, contact The Education Centre Liverpool today. We have a wide range of private tuition options in the Merseyside area, helping you to maximise your child’s potential within the educational arena. Going back to school doesn’t have to be daunting.

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