Add a Nice Tune to your Life – 6 Reasons To Learn a Musical Instrument

Adding an extra curricular string to your child’s bow is a fantastic way to increase their potential for development in all aspects of their life. Private tuition or group classes that teach your child how to play an instrument, or to sing, are both fantastic for boosting not just your child’s academic progress but also the way they progress physical, mentally and socially.

Here are six reasons why you should consider suggesting a musical instrument as an extra-curricular activity for your child:

Build Self-Esteem

We want our children to be strong and confident in everything they do and to be proud of their skills and achievements. A great way to build self-esteem is to help them learn how to play a musical instrument. Over time there is great joy in mastering an instrument, becoming part of a wider group effort and showing off your skills.

Improve Academic Skills

There is a distinct correlation between music and maths; with accomplished students of music able to comprehend beats and rhythm, which in turn helps them understand certain mathematical problems and concepts. It isn’t only that however, with music helping children improve both their short and long term memory.

Improve Physically

Not only are you improving mentally when learning a musical instrument, but you are also improving basic physical and motor function skills. Some instruments are more physically demanding than others, but all instruments demand that you have a full grasp on your timing and concentration.

Patience and Discipline

To fully master a musical instrument takes up plenty of your time. For your child to become proficient they will have to learn to be patient and show real discipline. These are traits that will go a long way to helping them achieve their academic and, later their, career goals.

Learn Social Skills

It isn’t always just about the individual honours and glory, learning how to play an instrument is a great way to make new friends and become part of a wider team commitment. Team work and how to be a successful part of a well oiled machine are important for life and being that in a band or orchestra as a child is a fantastic start!

Looks Good on University Applications

If your child is looking to go to University or take on other courses as part of their further education, learning a musical instrument and being part of a wider musical project looks great. It shows a willingness to be part of something bigger and to a real dedication to craft and desire.

Whether it is the drums, guitar, trombone, violin or even the triangle, learning a musical instrument has a number of wider benefits for your child’s development in life, not just in school. If you would like to maximise your child’s potential, the musical route is a fantastic way to go but there is more you can do. Here at The Education Centre we have a wide range of private tutors in the Liverpool area ready to help. With regular sessions in basic subjects or something a little more specialised, we can help your child get ready for exams, prepare for the next step in their academic life or just keep on top of things over the course of a school year. For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can help discuss the specifics.

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