About Us

We offer high quality tuition and teaching support for schools.

Well established since 2004, our staff are not just tutors but fully qualified experienced teachers. Whether you require basic reading and writing skills, entrance exams for the local secondary schools or A level support, we have a team of high quality professionals who can help. We ensure that the tuition offered is individually planned, relevant to current subjects and enjoyable for the student.

Tuition takes place on a one to one basis at your home for one hour. If your home is not suitable, perhaps there are too many distractions, then maybe have the tuition at a friends or family members.

All of our staff have a caring and personal approach to everyone they work with and we understand that getting extra help may be a little daunting for some, but do not worry, we will ensure that you feel supported and are more confident after working along side us.

Years of developing excellent partnerships with a number of local primary and secondary schools across the city means our fully qualified teachers can support their pupils learning.  Not only do we help with the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills needed by primary pupils, we also provide a much needed ‘boost’ for the secondary students in school who need to achieve a higher grade at key stage 3 or in their GCSEs.


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