5 Things a University Looks For in an Applicant?

young graduates students group  standing in front of university building on graduation dayIf you want to head to University once you have completed you’re A-Levels there is a lot to consider, not only where you would like to study and live, or just your grades (although that is extremely important).  A University is looking for a certain type of person to join their school. Here are a few things you should be aware of before making your application.

Good Grades – Although not the deciding factor when determining an application it should be said that having high grades does show a commitment to hard work and study that will be expected in University. Achieving high targets across multiple subjects requires focus and determination.

A Unique Personal Statement – Personal statements have started to become incredibly generic and show nothing about a person in terms of their personality. To stand out from the crowd put some real effort into its creation as it can demonstrate that you are capable of writing coherently and that you can analyse and explain your position and skills.

Gain Confidence in Speaking – You may be required to attend an interview before being accepted to University. This could be one-on-one or in front of a small panel of people. It is a good practice for life where job interviews will be similar in structure. Practice speaking in situations like this and be comfortable and confident in your abilities.

Utilise Relationships – If you have a strong connection with a teacher at your school, someone who has been an inspiration to you and pushed your development, ask them to write a recommendation. Any honest appraisal of your growth over a number of years can go a long way to demonstrating your development and maturing.

Extra-Curricular Activities – Most students will do the bare minimum just in order to place something on their CV, what we advise is to go all out with your extra curricular activities. Take part in things that you actually enjoy, are passionate about and possibly see a future in. Your drive and desire will shine through when spoken to about it.

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