Preparation for the New School Term

The words Back to School written on a chalkboard surrounded byThe summer holidays are only just getting into full swing and it is important to allow your children the time to completely unwind and enjoy their time off from all the hard work that is put in throughout the school term. Despite this, as a responsible parent it is wise to have one eye on the next year of schooling and how you can put everything in place to allow your child to hit the ground running and to not be left behind by the other pupils when they are back in the classroom.

Semi-Regular & Light Homework – Maybe don’t call it homework as that will scare your child off, but it might be worthwhile setting some tasks over the summer months for your children to focus on at periods when they are at home. Try to make these fun tasks that can be completed during a rainy day at home for instance.

Refresher Sessions – When it comes closer to school starting it might be wise to schedule in some refresher lessons with a private tutor in order to go over some key pointers from last year. If there was anything in particular that your child was struggling with, or wants to improve on before heading back to school, now is the time to do so before the schedule becomes more hectic.

Preparation Sessions – Within these same sessions, or separately it can pay off to look at the year ahead and plan for what your child might need some extra assistance with. If you know that there are certain topics that are going to be touched on, take a look at them now in a leisurely fashion, without the pressure of there being school and a test the next day.

Learn in Different Environments – For some children they flourish in a really quiet environment when reading and trying to learn, for others some hustle and bustle keeps the mind active. Whether it is at home, in a library or out sat in the park, play around with some different types of locations for your children’s private tuition sessions. When the pressure isn’t as high during the summer holiday’s it is the perfect time to test things out.

Re-Evaluate Goals – The summertime is also the perfect time to put together a new plan of action, or to tweak the existing one. Sit down with your kids and look back over the last school year. What areas do they think they’ve done well in and where do they think they can improve? Putting together a joint plan of action will make things easier once school restarts.

At The Education Centre Liverpool we have a wide range of highly qualified private tutors who are here to help your child meet their needs and goals. For every level of academic ability and for all ages, our Merseyside based private tuition service will help you plan for your child’s future and evaluate their past achievements, even during the summer months.

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